Sunday, June 29, 2008

29/6/08 sunday...11.38pm..tired through

erm..nid to wake up early loh..coz need to work..sien..last nite so late slp..coz so drunk..den 2day wake up early too tired...about8.50am wake up..den work ..when work so until About 4 .++pm...|| when back..RAIN...ARGH!!! .sigh...bcom ''soaked through''...alah...sien lo..reach home bath den slp....and hv my dinner..|| tat TM like shXt... always dc friend sabah one too/.// me need 2 chat vf his also cant..jst can see his always on9 ,off9,on9,off9...keep disconnect..masai!!! need 2 pay $$ again..ask TM discount lah... need fat-chewing vf my family...haha..good nite ya..!!! now 11.55pm ady...

sien..HAPPY?tired,,,and drunk...1.40am for 28/6/08

erm..2day celebrat vf my grandmother and my friend tik lung...for birthday party..erm about 9.00am wake go 2 work..and clean my house sien and hardship..^^..but after clean happy lo..erm..for my grandmother is celebra in my house... buffet dinner at my house..erm...take some photo vf my cousin so happy^^..about 10.++pm going pub for celebra for my friend...erm drink many alcohol at my house..after going there..drink many too..den now is tired and drunk.|| sing k too when at pub..also got take some photo..but camera like disappear..don friend find..erm.. got some unhappy thing insurgent..tik lung d bro loh...drink too many alcohol ady..den ------___--...... but is ok...jst care about tik lung lah...coz after all it's his 21 birthday of the most important birthday in our life..but like that..sigh...hope his will ok....k lah..going to 1.59am ady..goodnite and take care my friend...- -Zzz ll

Saturday, June 28, 2008

FOR 27/6/08,now is 28/6/085.09am

feel sad today....coz when night ask band senior to lim teh one and sing k.but don know mood..sien...after work...bath..hv a dinner..after tat help my grandmother 2 chooes the exp ..RM165 but cake only RM120 another RM45 is tat mini塔。。after speak for...jst bored at bored...boring die take some photo when bored...below here...erm..going to slp lah..good nite 5.24am ady..

Thursday, June 26, 2008

26/6/08 thursday 11.46pm

erm... 要抛开说有烦恼咯。。。2day forgot to take the hp when work ..sien..jst now call to green castle for buy cake to my grandmother..tis saturday nid to celebrat vf 3kg d cake 3floor d leh..all different taste one..and buy mini 水果塔。。prepare tis cerebration prepaid about RM600 ady...waiting the saturday come-ing..hehe^^.. || erm. about friend..after finish school form 5... all seldom meet ady..hope some day can we meet together...|| about my skul band..hmn..don know y..2day me see tat DVD comp formation 2005 when we 1st time get champion..and my concert 18/8/ miss..all inside my memory...below some photo about band ^^

conductor is me..18/7/07

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

wednesday__25/6/2008 11.41pm jie lo..jst 2 register the blog 2day.erm..2day is normal..morening wake up..after work..den back home bath mum cook 肉骨茶。。haha..household eat nice and daintiness...after tat we sing k...den msn vf friend....but bored now..