Sunday, October 4, 2009


and den working loh~哈哈

hmn..想起去年的中秋~就有点不愉快咯。。hmn...今年的中秋是在外面过。也是第一次咯。在ayer hitam.下雨哦。

好久没写blog le..

1st thanks and sorry to my blog fans.haha
coz realy long long long time ago have no update my blog jor..
hmn..SORRY yea~

im still the same lah..but change job dj liao..
at company PISB. as asst.supervisor there..learn learn learn lah..still is junior ma..

now at hostel hostel quite ok lah..every room got air-condition .got destop. can on9..can slp== ahaha// den good d loh..lolxx==ll|

haiz//went to hair cut yesterday at segamat//hometown// bcom short short jor~
and also long time AGO NO take photo le..hmn.. like my friend d blog always also got photo de//leng zai many event he.. me jst


YOH!!!!!!!!! my BURFDAY‘birthday’ cuming soon lah..hope can celebrate at home..hmn..

how about my life about LOVE..haha? me like never talk about tis topic//coz still young ma..18 sui pok pok cui..wahaha..
but 19 yrs old cuming soon d loh!!!ahhh!!!love..couple//for me now ..i think still no nid lah...
got a good good friend..good good brother ah zac..y kiy den enough loh..coz when im he and scold can d..he no mind d..wahaha

sei== tiba tiba he msn me==y kit...terkejut me~

````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` his he promote ~

ok lah//friend//i going to slp le loh..2moro work again//sien dao~haha//lazy dao~~ haha

but still nid to work lah..+U+U+U

take care all~